Don't Dive Into in a Freezing Cold Pool

Schedule pool heater repairs in Bells, TX

Buying a new pool heater can be an expensive proposition. Think about repairing your pool heater before you invest in a new one. Above and Beyond Pool Repair LLC handles pool heater repairs and pool maintenance throughout North Texas and around Bells, TX.

Why put up with uncomfortably cold pool water? Hire us to repair your pool heater, whether it's a gas or a heat pump variety. We can repair your faulty spa heater, as well.

Not sure if it's your heater, electrical or control system that's causing an issue? We can run diagnostic tests on your equipment to identify the problem and fix it. During our pool maintenance checkups, we inspect the electronic boards, gas supply and functionality of your safety circuit.

Contact us today to set up a preventive pool maintenance inspection.

Is repairing your swimming pool heater worth it?

Is repairing your swimming pool heater worth it?

Above and Beyond Pool Repair performs pool heater repairs throughout North Texas and in the Bells, TX area. Repairing your pool heater and keeping it properly maintained:

  • Costs less than installing a new unit
  • Prevents expensive future problems
  • Allows the pool technician to spot other problems

Choose Above and Beyond Pool Repair to repair your pool heater correctly.